Direction of Arrival Estimation Using Four Isotropic Receivers
Jonghoek Kim(Electronic and Electrical Convergence Department,)
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■ Researchers

Jonghoek Kim

Electronic and Electrical Convergence Department, Hongik University



■ Abstract

We consider the micro positioning platform which is equipped with only four receivers. This paper considers estimating the Direction Of Arrival (DOA) using four isotropic receivers. As a signal is reflected or scattered, its amplitude attenuates significantly. Thus, as we estimate the DOA, we use receivers with high signal amplitude, since they have more probability to receive a direct signal (not a reflected signal), compared to other receivers with low signal amplitude. Every receiver uses both the phase difference and the signal amplitude, in order to estimate the DOA. The efficiency of the proposed DOA estimation is verified by comparing it with the MUltiple SIgnal Classification (MUSIC) algorithm using computer simulations.


  • Direction-of-arrival estimation
  • Computer simulation
  • Estimation
  • Sonar equipment
  • Receivers
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